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5 reel slot and the story of its appearance

In traditional casinos, there are usually devices with both electronic and mechanical reels. The first mechanical machine was created by Charles fey back in 1895. “Liberty Bell” consisted of three reels with 10 symbols, which gave a small number of combinations. The first video slot was developed by Walt Frehley in 1975 and was called “Lucky coin”. Today, the standard slot has 5 reels, and its advantage is the higher number of combinations that make the game more interesting. Such devices are popular among gamers with significant experience. To create modern thematic machines used graphics, music, video from favorite video games and movies. Observation of familiar characters and participate in the story makes the game as exciting as possible.

Spin Palace
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Mobile, Tablet, Mac, PC
Ruby Fortune
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Mobile, Tablet, Mac, PC
Jackpot City
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River Belle
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Lucky Nugget
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Who chooses a five reel slots

Machines of this type are suitable for both beginners and experienced gamers; they are equally popular among men and women. If you just started playing, it will be easy to deal with all the nuances of the gambling process. Those who have long been fascinated by such games, enjoy the simplicity of gambling leisure but have a vast selection of storylines. Such devices will be the best solution for every taste, will allow implementing new strategies, to develop their unique tactics, which will give the opportunity to win in the future. Unlike poker, roulette, in which the player is in constant tension, trying to maintain a specific strategy and keep control of their actions, slot machines bring pleasure.

There are 5-reel slot machines with a conventional storage system; they are called progressive. From the game machines connected to a single network, a certain percentage is deducted for the accumulation of the Prize Fund. If you want to break a really big jackpot, you should try to collect the greatest combination of symbols at the highest rate.

The strategy of a successful game

We all want to know the secret of a successful game, but unfortunately, there are no real guarantees, because the random number generator determines the winning. However, there are several conditions of the game with the least risk, which will allow to get as close to success as possible and reduce costs:

  • determine the total value of betting and, once it is over, stop the game;
  • decide for yourself what amount you want to win and stop reaching it, do not give in to the temptation to continue and spend all earned earlier;
  • use the martingale strategy (increasing the bets if you lose by the size of the minimum bet and so on until the next win).

The game at slotaddicted and its advantages

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